The Many: Polytheist Speculative Fiction (pt. 2!)

I didn’t receive as many submissions as I’d have liked, but I’m still determined to do this and would like to extend the deadline and the scope of the project. So, if you were interested in participating, but you were under too much of a time crunch, or you didn’t think that your work would be a good fit — that possibility might be open to you now.

I’m aiming to curate (and contribute to) an anthology of speculative fiction, written by polytheists. I was originally going to publish this as a perfect bound trade paperback, but I am now looking at options to publish as a zine (either professionally printed, or folded and stapled the old fashioned way 😉


To get this off the ground, I’m going to need a few things:

  1.  Stories! I will be taking submissions. Guidelines can be found below. I’ll also accept poetry that fits the theme – if you’re not sure, it doesn’t hurt to ask!
  2. Editors and Beta Readers. I’m sure some writers will be happy to do this, but I think it’s good to get as many eyes on a piece as possible before putting it to print.
  3. Art. I realized partway into the original submission time that I really would love to see more art.
  4. Money, honestly. I’d like to set up some kind of crowdfunding, but I need more fluff if I want to put up a campaign. That’ll be forthcoming.

My goal is to make enough through copies sold to give everyone who contributed a free copy of the book – right now I can’t promise more than that. That said, this is a passion project and not something I expect to generate money with.

Story submission guidelines:

  • I am looking for writers who identify as polytheists themselves.
  • The piece must either:
    • Have at least one character who is a polytheist or animist and plays a central role in the story, OR
    • prominently feature, in their story or world-building, polytheistic or animistic concepts and themes
  • The story must fit in the genre of Speculative FictionThis is intentionally a pretty broad category – the theme is best described as “the future in a world of many gods“.
  • There is no recommended “rating”, but please no explicit sexual material. It’s okay if there’s sex (or swearing, or violence) in your story, but this isn’t an erotica collection.
  • The piece must be previously unpublished. That includes in other publications (books, magazines) as well as works that are available on the Internet.
    • Authors will retain rights to their work. I only want the right to print it first, in this collection. Then you can do whatever you like with your story 🙂
  • I’m scrapping the word count completely. Send me whatever you like. I mean, still don’t send me a novella, but finish your story. You often lose word count in the editing process, anyway.
  • Submit by July 12, 2019.



Please send submissions and any requests for information to: , or find me on twitter at @anxiousartisan

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